Thursday, January 30, 2014

To Control or not to Control...

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When TE came out with the newest in strong, form fitting control panties, it was huge news in the lingerie world – finally a “sexy” control panty!  (They weren’t sexy but since we were selling them at TE, everyone just assumed they would be).

We had a few different styles, available in basic colors (white, black, and nude).  Some were standard granny panty look-a-likes, some had a seam up the butt crack to “separate your cheeks”, some when down to your knees, and some went up to just below your bra line – lots of options, depending on the area you were trying to battle.  We would enthusiastically mention them if anyone expressed even the slightest interest so we could build a bigger sale (they were expensive - $20 to $49 a pair).  It was tricky though, since no woman wants someone to suggest to her she might want to purchase a pair of stomach sucking panties…but that’s where the crossdressers came in.

God bless ‘em, the crossdressers are a specific bunch and do they know what they want.  Sure, the padded push-up bra is number one on their list, but next up are control top panties.  And not just any control top panties, but the kind you have to shoehorn yourself into – the kind that, when you’re wearing them, you just don’t drink or eat anything because taking them off to go to the bathroom is wayyyyy more trouble than it’s worth.   So, needless to say, our new control panties rocked their world.

The crossdressers started visiting our store in droves.  Okay, maybe not in droves but enough started coming in that, once we had “ascertained” our target, we could anticipate what they wanted, expertly steering them over to the control area before they even had a chance to awkwardly ask where to find the goods.  After several successful crossdresser control panty sales, I got up the nerve to ask my next crossdressing customer (who was in terrific shape – stomach as flat as a board) why HE needed control panties – he was so thin!?

(Maybe this seems obvious to some people, but in my tender first years at TE, it had not yet occurred to me the problem a penis could present to a properly cross-dressed man). 

He leaned in, and with a wink said, “Sweetie, it’s not the stomach that’s the problem,” and with his left hand made a smoothing motion over his nether region.